EQengineered is Excited to be Sponsoring UX STRAT 2018!

EQengineered is excited to be sponsoring UX STRAT 2018, a "conference that brings together experience design leaders, strategists, researchers, and senior professionals to hear about and discuss the latest trends in strategic UX / CX / Product / Service Design. Carefully curated presentations focus on the intersection of business strategy, user experience, customer experience, product design, and service design."

We will be sharing content through our social channels at the event, so please feel free to follow us on Linkedin and Twitter.

Below is content EQengineered employees created that discusses many of the anticipated topics that will be explored at the upcoming UX STRAT 2018 conference. We have also included our insights from the UX STRAT 2016 conference when the event was last hosted by the Providence Biltmore in Providence, RI. 

  1. Thirteen Key Insights from the UX STRAT Conference

  2. Creating Successful User Experience (UX) on the Unhappy Path

  3. Customer Experience Success

  4. Jobs to be Done: Improving Upon Personas and User Stories

  5. The Human Experience: Design Systems and the Nine States

  6. What is Design Thinking?

  7. What is Service Design?

  8. The Core Digital Transformation Failure: Employee Experience

We look forward to seeing you at UX STRAT USA 2018! Please contact us if you are interested in making introductions at the event on September 16th-18th.

Mark Hewitt