Are you Modernizing Your Digital Products to Enable The Business?

Organizations require talent that are on board with the notion of creating, iterating and evolving their digital products as a matter of practice. Innovation and strategy require a fundamental shift in mindset in order to translate to best practices and tactics. Culture will become the glue that facilitates the change in successful organizations.

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Mark Hewitt
Key Technical Architecture Priority: Application Modernization

There are several concepts that teams increasingly look toward to modernize and simplify development. Micro-services and modern front-ends are popular candidates to help make sense of development efficiency, while containerization and multi-tenant architectures offer hosting benefits.

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Design Systems: 5 Tips for Ensuring Adoption

In 2017 and 2018, design systems became common in companies from startups to large enterprises. However, without adoption from designers (IA, IxD, UI, Visual), engineers (front-end developers), product managers and owners, and others (content, accessibility), your design system will decay and quickly become obsolesced.

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Rachael Guay