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I have nothing but the best to say about the folks at EQengineered. They changed my product, my business, my life!

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What We Do

Product Ideation & Definition

Sometimes, all it starts with is the seed of an idea. Whether it be a new feature for an existing product, or something entirely new, we offer services to help. We can help you turn an idea into a tangible and executable product strategy.

Rapid Concepting & Prototyping

Testing and iterating on ideas is the key to evolving a good product. We will help you visualize your ideas efficiently and flexibly using sketches, wireframes, or live code proofs of concept. By embracing rapid iteration, we can test user experiences, reduce technical risk, and define MVP solutions enabling you to make more informed decisions, faster. 

Experience Design

Our passion is grounded in the creation of compelling experiences that delight customers. We can help to develop information architectures, user interaction patterns, elegant workflow mapping, and end-to-end customer experience designs.

Enterprise-Grade App Development

Using modern technologies, our engineering team builds robust, scalable, maintainable, and flexible applications. We can integrate with an existing back end or help you build an enterprise-grade application end-to-end. We offer software development, testing, deployment, and analysis.

Our Process

EQengineer's human-centric focus begins with our relationships and is the directional beacon for every project, meeting, email and line of code we deliver. Our team shares a common DNA – designing and architecting with empathy.

From a perspective of empathy, we strive to connect with our clients' pains, goals, priorities and milestones so we can constantly ensure our focus is on delivering solutions that solve real world problems. EQengineered designs and builds digital customer experiences with empathy and emotion to satisfy human needs and transform businesses.


Recent Insights

EQengineered is looking for experienced professionals who care about providing the highest level of client service and delivering the very best engineered solutions.