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I have nothing but the best to say about the folks at EQengineered. They changed my product, my business, my life!

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EQe - Our process

EQengineered's human-centric focus begins with our relationships and is the directional beacon for every project, meeting, email and line of code we deliver. Our team shares a common DNA – designing and architecting with empathy.

From a perspective of empathy, we strive to connect with our clients' pains, goals, priorities and milestones so we can constantly ensure our focus is on delivering solutions that solve real world problems. EQengineered designs and builds digital customer experiences with empathy and emotion to satisfy human needs and transform businesses.



We actively listen and empathize with humans which includes you, your stakeholders, and your customers. This exploration enables us to illuminate needs, goals, opportunities, and constraints for both design and architecture.



We balance business goals with customer needs to validate a product vision and develop a successful product roadmap. We iteratively prototype and test features, functions, interaction patterns, information architecture, and form.



Using modern technologies, our design and engineering teams build robust, scalable, maintainable, and flexible front and back-end enterprise-grade products.

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