Digital Has Transformed - Have You and Your Organization?

It is widely accepted that in order to remain relevant and competitive in today's marketplace, individuals and organizations must embrace change and be open to perpetual learning and improvement.

The real question for individuals and organizations is, have you made the commitment and begun the effort to embrace the changes around you?

The core components of an effective digital skill set are understanding what is occurring, how to measure it, how to analyze and interpret the results, what to do next and how to communicate and iterate on the plan. In other words, the basics of strategy still apply.

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Individuals and organizations need to engage and become proficient in new areas and tactics to succeed. This includes having a knowledge basis in technology, data, analytics, digital communications, innovation and leadership. Investing in the skills of the employees and competencies and infrastructure of organizations is essential to forward compatibility with the marketplace.

Leadership at the top and across organizations feels the tension inherent in the lethargy and lack of momentum caused by inaction. There is also difficulty in the number of axes along which disruption is occurring - technology, devices, customer experience, social communications, telecommunications, hardware and software, among others.

Solutions will come from both within organizations and through relationships to service needed expertise. Being honest with yourself as an individual or organization and recognizing where the gaps exist informs the future action plan. Going forward, growing internal skills through ongoing education and partnering for adjacent needs and competencies will be the norm in the service economy.

Disruption or change is accelerating and is here to stay. Defining an approach that embraces transparency and rapid action will lead to sustainability and a healthy future, both for individuals and organizations looking to stay relevant.