Our Work

Asset Management Firm

Migrated a legacy user experience and technical architecture to a sustainable and extensible forward-friendly platform. Our team worked closely with the client's engineering leadership to establish cross browser support for legacy applications, institute modern front end web technologies to create new and intuitive user experiences and upgrade the application's backend to a robust Java Spring MVC solution. The project resulted in a scalable and easily supported cloud-based hosting and deployment solution leveraging Amazon Web Services.

Security Technologies Firm

Created a common navigation and connection to allow modern Angular2 UI development to occur alongside an aging technical stack being progressively ported off Flex. Introduced RESTful messaging strategies to create a more robust and decoupled backend and to establish stronger distillation of domain data. The client product had evolved as an accumulation of functionality aimed at expert users presenting a formidable usability challenge. In addition to the poor design, the product was limited by Flex technology and tightly coupled its client-server interactions with non-RESTful approaches. A new design approach was established that rationalized the user experience with a focus on the customer journey and visual hierarchy of elements. Messaging was implemented throughout the application to improve understandability of the product - especially targeting the CISO customer.

Philanthropic/Non-Profit Organization

Collaborated in the delivery of customer research focused on examining and organizing relevant content from client's website and mobile experience. The envisioned experience needed to be user centric, tailoring its layout, navigation and content in such a way that it was personalized for the user as they learn and become more informed on their condition. The research focused on defining a differentiated learning and knowledge experience that supported the creation of a digital content interface in context of users that was modern, easily navigated and accessible to inform, connect and empower its key audiences.