Our Work


EQengineered worked with Lexington Solutions' executives and engineering leadership to assist in a variety of technical challenges. Through research and prototyping, migration strategies were detailed for transitioning legacy Java framework code to a modern Java Spring solution. A common navigation area strategy was researched and documented to update the look and feel across two JavaScript single page app frameworks as well as older server side rendered view layers. A performance optimization investigation was undertaken in the database access layer which allowed redundancies to be tackled in security permission code. In assisting with a re-engineering of a data import solution, EQengineered helped with data analysis and brought best practices advice to a complex problem of data management and messaging API design.

“EQengineered is a true consulting partner for both design and development. They provide sound advice on design systems, architecture and software development, and their consultants are focused on quality execution and adding value. EQengineered is an ethical group of people who care about relationships and they are fun to work with.”

- Brian Madden
Chief Operating Officer, Lexington Solutions
SVP, Director of Information Technology, Boston Capital

Philanthropic/Non-Profit Organization

Collaborated in the delivery of customer research focused on examining and organizing relevant content from client's website and mobile experience. The envisioned experience needed to be user centric, tailoring its layout, navigation and content in such a way that it was personalized for the user as they learn and become more informed on their condition. The research focused on defining a differentiated learning and knowledge experience that supported the creation of a digital content interface in context of users that was modern, easily navigated and accessible to inform, connect and empower its key audiences.